2012 -              General Editor, The Franz Boas Papers:  Documentary Edition

2007-2009     Co-Editor with Karl Hele, Papers of the Algonquian Conference

2003 -             Co-Editor with Frederic W. Gleach, Histories of Anthropology Annual

1997-2019      Series Editor with Stephen O. Murray, Critical Studies in History of Anthropology

1997-2011      Centre for Research and Teaching of Canadian Native Languages, Series Editor (with Lisa Valentine until 2007)

     2008               Offprints for community use, Barbara Graymont and Elisabeth Tooker’s biographical article on J. N. B. Hewitt,                                    Tuscarora

     2006               Clint Jacobs et al., Endangered Species at Walpole Island First Nation, Ojibwe Translation

     2005               Offprints for community use, Michael Foster’s biographical article on Chief Jacob Thomas, Six Nations

     2003               Barry Milliken, ed., Veterans from Stony and Kettle Point First Nation:  Personal Recollections of Veterans and                                    their Families.  Voices from the Community 2

     1998                J. Randolph Valentine, ed., The Andrew Medler Ojibwe Texts from Walpole Island, Ontario

     1997                 Barry Milliken, ed., Annie Rachel Mshkikiikwe:  Stories of an Elder from the Stony and Kettle Point First Nation.                                 Voices from the Community 1.

2018-              Bérose International Encyclopaedia of the Histories of Anthropology


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