Media Appearances

Forthcoming. The Pedagogy of the Non-Class (Invited interview by Joshua Smith). Teaching and Learning Anthropology Journal.  On-line.


2020  CaMP anthropology blog.  (May)


2018   Regna Darnell Interview on life and career with Mark Turin


Regna Darnell Interviews with Frédéric Laugrand.  Interviews with senior Canadian anthropologists.


2015    Master of Public Health at Western.


2014    Franz Boas:  Career and Impact.  Irish Radio Panel, Talking History, Susan Cahill, Producer.


Interview by Alex Pershai.


2010    Lake Navaisha, Kenya. Environmental Pollution, Community Research Models 


2009    Attawapiskat First Nation, Environmental Pollution


2005    Walpole Island First Nation, Fish Quality and Chemical Pollution, Today’s Londoner.  Rogers Television


2003    Moraviantown First Nation, Environmental Effects on Walleye Population


2003    Walpole Island First Nation, Chemical Pollution Effects on Human Health


2001    Montreal Public Television Interview with Christine Jourdain (Concordia University) on Benjamin Whorf and Linguistic Relativity


CBC Radio Interview for two programs on Robert Bringhurst’s A Story as Sharp as a Knife


Lake ecosystem reclamation project, Patzcuaro, Mexico


1995    Golden Hill Paugusset Tribe (Connecticut) on continuity in changing nomadic definitions of Algonquian band and tribe


1978    Canada Manpower, evaluation of Cree economic development grant


1972    Citizenship Branch, Department of Secretary of State, Ottawa.  Evaluation of Canadian language loyalty survey


             Teaching Cree to Edmonton Boy Scouts, with a native speaker


             Department of Indian Affairs, training Cree language teachings


             Saskatchewan New Start, evaluation of English fluency tests for Cree speakers.