Ph.D.  R. James Birckhead 1976   Appalachian Snake Handlers

            Elizabeth Blake         1978    Labrador Inuit Health Cognition

            Carl Urion                  1978    Cree-English Bilingual Speech Events

            Patrick Douaud         1982    Metis Trilingualism, Lac La Biche, Alberta

            Brian Given                1986    Tantric Buddhist Practice

            Raija Warkentin        1989    Bira (Zaire) Women and Culture Change


M.A.   Lydia Emanuel         1975    Edmonton Ukrainian Parish

            Sylvia Dayton            1976    Culture Change

            Deborah Root            1983    British Orientalism

            John Sorensen          1983    French Orientalism

            Simone Gareau         1983    Folk Performance in Edmonton

            Judith Pettigrew       1988    Chinese Medicine in Edmonton

B.A.    Doris Windrim         1973    Animate and Inanimate in Cree

            Laurie Anderson      1974    Auction Interaction

            Joel Minion               1984    Primate Communication

            James Scott               1988    Native Culture and Language

            Brenda Campbell     1989    Tattoo Culture


Thesis Committees:


            Anthropology – 17

            Intercultural Education – 5

            Elementary Education – 5

            Secondary Education – 1

            Vocational and Adult Education – 1

            Community Development – 1

            Comparative Literature – 1

            Psychology -1

            Business – 1

            English – 1


External Examiner:


            Stephen O. Murray   1979    Sociology, University of Toronto

            Peter Vasiliades         1982    Sociology and Anthropology, Simon Fraser

Program Reviewer:


            University of Western Ontario, 1985


Post-Doctoral Supervision:

            Ian Kalman                2016-17         Supervisory Committee, Political Science

            Robert Hancock       2008-10       SSHRC Post-Doctoral Fellow

            Christianne Stephens     2010       SSHRC Post-Doctoral Fellow         

Ph.D. Supervision (* = fieldwork on my SSHRC/CIHR grants):

ANTHROPOLOGY (Ph.D. Program began in 2003-04)

*Maria Manzano-Munguia 2009   First Nations NGOs

*Ramazan Aras                     2010    Kurdish Identity and Chronic Violence

Mark Dolson                          2012    Homelessness in London ON

*Catherine Willson               W        Narratives of Homeless Men in London

An Ngyuen                             2012    Lolita Fashion: Japan and North America

*Gerald McKinley                 2012    Windigo and Indigenous Youth Suicide

Brandon Rouleau                 2013    Peruvian Urban Migration

*Sherrie Pearce                    W          Place Names and Settlement Patterns

*Ian Puppe                            2015     Algonquian Identity, Health, Environment

*Megan Lowthers (co-sup.) 2015   Gender and Migration in Kenya

*Joshua Smith                      2015     History of Action Anthropology

*Paulina Johnson                 2017     Cree Traditional Governance

*Nathan Dawthorne            2018     Male Sex Workers in London ON

*Bimadoshka Pucan            2019     Saugeen Traditional Knowledge

*Darren Dokis                       W         Environment and Spirituality

*Danielle Alcock (co-sup.)  2019   First Nations Dementia & Alzheimers

*Driton Nushaj                      W         Ethnography and Relational Ontology


*Jarrad Reddekop                2014    Relational Ontology/Indigenous Thought

Alexei Pershai                        W        The Dictionary as Cultural Product

James Depew (co-sup.)       W         Anthropology from Kant to Ethnography

*Eva Cupchik                         2019   First Nations Women: Urban and Reserve


Supervisory Committees, Anthropology, 2nd Reader:

            *Tim Bisha                           2011    Upper Canada “Exemplary Conduct”

            Christine Such                     2010    East German Women and Work

            *Bradley Votour                  W         Halifax Youth Street Culture

            Matt Beaudoin                    2013     Ontario Archaeology

            Kelly Baker                           2014    Halifax Gentrification

            Joshua Dent                         2016    Theoretical Archaeology

            *Bruce Lawrence                 2019    Korean-English Language Teaching

Examining Committees, Anthropology, (Selected):


            *Kelly Linton                            2019

M.A. Supervision (* = Fieldwork on my SSHRC/CIHR Grants):

            Sandra Machin                    1992    New Age Healing in London ON

            Janice Carter                        1993    Metis Fur Trade Genealogies

            *Lindy-Lou Flynn                1993    Native Healing Across Canada

            *Kathleen Buddle                1993    Native Media Communication

            *Theresa McCarthy             1993    Six Nations Iroquois Youth Identity

            Holly Martelle-Sawter        1994    Gender and Voice in Huron Ethnohistory

            Gordon Roe                          1995     Artists’ Models

            *Tim Bisha                            1996    Acts of Agreement in Algonquian Discourse

            *Robert Wishart                   1996    Algonquian Hunting Narratives

            *Suzanne Miskimmin         1997    Women’s Narratives about C-31

            *Molly Turnbull                    1997    Algonquian Kinship Interaction

            *Craig Proulx                         1997    Natives and the Justice System

            Dufferin Murray                   1998    Rap Music

            Paul Hong                              1999    Invisible Ethnicity in London Indian Restaurants

            Car-Wing Li                           1999   Hong Kong Chinese Narratives

            Brenda Timmins                  1999    Non Face-to-Face Mediation

            Leslie Carruthers                  1999   Constructing D/deaf Community

            Marijke Hols                          1999    Constructing Nurses’ Identity

            *Christianne Stephens        2003   Residential School Narratives, Walpole Island First Nation

            *Catherine Willson              2005    Women and Work

            *Jack Conley                         2006    Caldwell First Nation

            Jorge Chimbinda                  2006    Bantu Naming Patterns

            *Sadie Donovan                   2007     First Nations Education

            *Darren Dokis          M.A. By-Pass   First Nations Ecology and Spirituality    

            *Joshua Smith          M.A. By-Pass   History of Action Anthropology

            *Leanne Bekeris                    2012     First Nations Community Garden

            *Danielle Alcock                    2014     Intergenerational Narratives of Trauma

            *Kristy Nicholson                 2014     Invasive Species and Sustainability

            Nathan Dawthorne  M.A. By-Pass  Male Sex Workers in London ON

            *Bimadoshka Pucan M.A. By-Pass  First Nations Narrative/Ethnohistory

            *Michael Cook                         W        Christian Conversion Experiences

            *Miriam Jordan                      W        Oneida Translation

            *Wade Paul                             2020    First Nations Health


Second Reader (selected):


            *Bruce Lawrence                               Oneida Linguistic Syncretism

            *Karen Pennesi                                  Water Quality Discourse, Walpole Island

            Kalley Armstrong                    2019  Grandfather’s Hockey Narratives


            Terry Hoople                       1995    S/M Cooperative Strategies

            Julie Petruzellis                   2000    Theorizing Aboriginal Citizenship

            *Elizabeth Guerrier            2001    Mik’maq Fishing Rights

            *Margaret MacPherson     2002    Theorizing the Everyday

            *Dolleen Manning              2005    Ojibwe Oral Tradition and Community

            Shannon Foskett                 2006    Deleuze and the Metaphysics of Science

            *Gerald McKinley               2008    Native American Literature and Identity

            Siobohan Watters               2014     Food Distribution in Conflict and Crisis

            Won Jeon                             2020    Resonance & Patterns that Connect

Thesis Examining Committees (Completed):

Ph.D.              English – 3

                        Philosophy – 2

                        History – 3

                        Education – 3

                        Theory and Criticism – 3

                        Media Studies – 3

                        Sociology – 1

                        Music – 2

                        Anthropology – 4


M.A.                Anthropology – 42

                        Theory and Criticism – 24

                        Media Studies – 7

                        Kinesiology – 1

                        English – 1

                        Occupational Therapy – 2

                        Education – 2

                        History – 2

                        Sociology – 1

                        Psychology – 1

ECOSYSTEM HEALTH (PATHOLOGY):   M.A. Supervisory Committees:

            Katie Schoemaker                2009               Mercury Contamination at WIFN

            Julie Hill                                2009               POPs Contamination at WIFN

            Godfrey Otieno Onyongo    2010               Kenyan Intern (UWO supervisor)

            Zara Jahedmotlagh              2011                Mercury Pollution Analysis

            Susan Jepkemoi                    2012               Kenyan Intern (UWO Supervisor)


ECOSYSTEM HEALTH (PATHOLOGY):  Ph.D. Supervisory Committee:


            Phaedra Henley                   2014                Biomonitoring, Sustainability


Ph.D. Supervisory Committees:


           Miranda Nittynen                                        Women’s Studies

           Sharon Lindenberger                                  English

           Grant Dempsey                                             Theory and Criticism

            David Carlson                       2019                English      

            Boba Samuels                       2014                Education

            Julia Bickford                       2012                Health Sciences

            Christy Bressette                  2008               First Nations Education

            Margaret MacPherson        W                     Ivey School of Business

            Michelle Hamilton              2002                History

            David Norton                        2004               History

M.A. Supervisory Committees:

           Alex Hudecki                         2020                Theory and Criticism                         


Thesis Supervisory and Examining Committees, Ph.D. completed:


            Kathleen Buddle-Crowe     2001                First Nations Media

            Theresa McCarthy               2006                Negotiating Six Nations Identity

            Christianne Stephens         2009                Walpole Island Toxic Talk


M.A.    Mark Tyrell                          1992               Canadian Studies, Carleton University


Ph.D.   George Fulford                    1994              Anthropology, McMaster University

                                                                                    Cree Children’s Drawings

            Allan J. Ryan                         1995              Anthropology, Univ. of British Columbia

                                                                                    Trickster Themes in Native Art

            Yvonne Dion Buffalo           1996              American Studies, SUNY Buffalo

                                                                                    3 Generations of Family Women

            Deborah Jackson                  1998             Anthropology, University of Michigan

                                                                                    Native Identity in Flint MI

            Derek Blair                             1999             Anthropology, University of Calgary

                                                                                    Medicine Wheel Symbolism

            Neil McLeod                           2005            Plains Indian Studies, Univ. of Regina

                                                                                    Cree Narrative Memory

            Marc Pinkoski                       2006             Anthropology, University of Victoria

                                                                                    J. Steward’s Historical Materialism

            Heather Shpuniarsky           2012              Indigenous Studies, Trent University

                                                                                    Anishinaabe and Hodenosaunee

            Marianne Nicolson               2013              Interdisciplinary Studies, Univ. of Victoria

                                                                                    Kwakwaka’wakw Language & Art

            Cathrena Narcisse                2016              Anthropology, Univ. of British Columbia

                                                                                     Indigenous Perspectives on First Nations Land Use in B. C.



            1995      University of Toronto, Anthropology (OCGS)

            1998     Wilfrid Laurier University, Sociology and Anthropology

            2003    American Studies, SUNY Buffalo

            2006     M.A. in Public Anthropology, Universities of Guelph and Waterloo

            2012     M.A. in Public Anthropology, University of Guelph (for OCGS)

            2013     Contemporary Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford

            2016     Anthropology, St. Mary’s University, Halifax