Canadian Anthropology Society

American Anthropological Association

     Society for Linguistic Anthropology

     General Anthropology Division, History of Anthropology Interest Group

     Society for Humanistic Anthropology

     Association of Senior Anthropologists

American Association for Ethnohistory

Algonquian Society

Association for Documentary Editing

Royal Society of Canada

American Philosophical Society




American Anthropological Association

            2005                Franz Boas Award (Lifetime Achievement)

            2002                Presidential Award

            1999-2002      Chair, AAA Centennial Executive and Advisory Commissions

            2000-2002     Centennial Countdown Column, Anthropology News (with Frederic W. Gleach)

            1998-1999       Executive Board

            1997-1998       1998 Program Committee

            1998-2000      Section Assembly

            1998-2000      Committee on Scientific Communications

            1994-1998       American Anthropologist Editorial Board

            1982-1984       AAA/Linguistic Society of America Joint Committee on Sapir Centenary (appointed by both executives)

Society for Humanistic Anthropology

            2000-2002      Past-President         

            1998-2000       President

            1997-1998        President-Elect

            1997-1998         Chair, Victor Turner Prize for Ethnographic Writing Panel

            2006-2011        Victor Turner Prize for Ethnographic Writing Panel Chair 2007-2011

Society for Linguistic Anthropology

            1988-1991         Executive Board

Association of Senior Anthropologists

            2010-2012       Nominating Committee

North American Association for the History of the Language Sciences

            1994                 President

            1993                 President-Elect

            1992                 Vice-President


American Society for Ethnohistory

            2020                 Lifetime Service Award

            2017                  Conference Organizing Committee

            2009-2010       Past-President

            2008-2009      PRESIDENT

            2007-2008      President-Elect

            2003, 2010      Erminie Wheeler-Voegelin book prize panel (Chair 2003)

            2001-2003       Executive Board

            2000                 Conference Organizer, London ON

            1997-1998        Chair, Robert Heizer prize for best article in ethnohistory panel


Canadian Anthropology Society (CASCA)

            2015                  Chair, Weaver-Tremblay Award Committee

            2014                  Received Weaver-Tremblay Award

            2009-2010       Past-President

            2008-2009      President

            2007-2018        Vice-President

            2004-2006       Executive Board, Anglophone Member

            2003-2007       Resolutions Committee

Social Science Research Council of Canada

            2018                Connection Grants Panel

            2017                Doctoral Fellowships Panel

            2016                Partnership Development Grants Panel

            2013                Connection Grants Panel

            2013                Insight Development Grants Panel

            2008                Chair, Standard Research Grants Panel, Anthropology and Archaeology

            2004-2006       Standard Research Grants Panel, Interdisciplinary

            2000 -             Canada Research Chairs, College of Reviewers

            1998                Panel to publicize social science to politicians, Ottawa

            1995-1998      Conference Grant Adjudication Committee

            1993-1998      Social Science Federation of Canada, Aid to Scholarly Publications Committees (Anthropology/Interdisciplinary)

            1991                Social Science Federation of Canada, Social Science Book Prize Panel


Royal Society of Canada

            2002-2004    Medals Committee

            1997-2006     UWO Liaison for Social Sciences and Humanities

            1996                Elected to Membership


American Philosophical Society

            2014 -              Native American Advisory Board, Center for Native American and Indigenous Research

            2011-2014       Advisory Board, Digitizing American Indian Languages

            2004                Elected to Membership

            1994 -              Phillips Fund for American Indian Ethnohistory and Linguistics Grants Adjudication Panel - Chair  2006 –         1994-2010       Library Acquisitions Policy Committee for Anthropology

American Council of Learned Societies

            2014                 Frederick Burkhardt & Charles A. Ryskamp Fellowship Panels

            2015-2016       Frederick Burkhardt Fellowship Panel


Ontario Council for Graduate Studies

            2009                Chair, Interdisciplinary Panel

            2008                Chair, Student Visa Panel

            1997,2002      Adjudication Panel, Ontario Graduate Fellowships

            2012, 2018


Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research

1994-2000       Council on Preserving Anthropological Documents (COPAR)


Canada Council for the Arts

            2015                John Diefenbaker Award Panel


Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association

            1975-1976       Chair, Professional Ethics Committee

            1973-1975       Professional Ethics Committee

            1971-1973       Status of Women Committee


Western Conference on Linguistics

            1971-1973       Executive Board


Alberta Linguistic Association

            1970-1971       Nominating Committee