2019 -                Centre for Transformational Justice and Post-Conflict Resolution. Faculty of Social Science, UWO


2018 -                Distinguished University Professor Emerita, Department of Anthropology, UWO


2018-21             Adjunct Research Professor, Department of Anthropology, UWO        


2013-20            Cross-Appointment to Interfaculty Program in Public Health,  Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry,  UWO


2011 -                Technoscience and Regulation Research Unit.  Dalhousie University, Halifax.  Janice Graham, Director

2006-08            Killam Research Fellow


2006-13             Cross-Appointment to Department of Pathology (Ecosystem Health), Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, UWO


2005-18             Distinguished University Professor, UWO (one of the first five appointments to this position)


2003-06            Founding Director, First Nations Studies Program, UWO


2000                   Bicentennial Visiting Professor of Canadian Studies and Anthropology, Yale University

1994-2010          Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, McMaster University


1990-2005          Professor of Anthropology, UWO


1991 -                   Core Faculty, Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism, UWO


1992-2015          Director, Centre for Research and Teaching of Canadian Native Languages, UWO


1990-93               Chair, Department of Anthropology, UWO


1979-90               Professor of Anthropology, University of Alberta


1985                     Visiting Professor of Anthropology, Yale University


1973-79               Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Alberta


1970-84              Coordinator and Instructor, Cree Language Teaching Program, University of Alberta


1969-73              Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Alberta


1966-69             Research Assistant in Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania