2011-2015       UWO Board of Governors

2012-2015       Property and Finance Committee

                          By-Laws Committee

                          McIntosh Gallery Committee

2010-2013       G. Edward Hall Society (donation of First Nations Library)

2014-2015       C. R. Somerville Society (graduate student fieldwork donation)

2015-2016       W. Sherwood Fox Society (graduate student fieldwork)

2016-2019       A. Peache Society (graduate student fieldwork donation)

2019 -               E.E. Braithwaite Society (graduate student fieldwork donation)


UWO Senate

            2009-2010       Senator Ex Officio

            1997-1999, 2001-2004  Senator

            1997-1999        Committee on Honorary Degrees

            1998-2000       Grievance Committee

            1998-2006       Nominating Committee (alternate)

            2001                  President’s Task Force on the Strategic Plan

            2001, 2003-2006, 2008, 2011, 2018  

                                        Hellmuth Research Prize Adjudication Panel

            2006-2009, 2017-2018     

                                        Distinguished University Professor Selection Committee

            2017-2018         SSHRC Internal Doctoral Grants Committee

Faculty of Social Science

            2014-2015       Graduate Awards Committee

            2011-2012       Awards Committee

            2001-2013       National Scholarships Committee

            2002                First Nations Curriculum Committee, Chair

            2000                Space Renovation and Allocation Committee

            1997-1999       Grievance Committee

            1997-1998       Educational Programs Committee

            1995-1996       Interdisciplinary Studies Committee

            1994-1995       Faculty of Nursing Council (representing Social Science)

Department of Anthropology

            2011-2016       Graduate Committee

            1990-1993       Chair

            1994-1995       Graduate Chair

            Variety of Committees annually

First Nations Studies Program

            2003-2006       Founding Director

            2003-2014         Allied Faculty


1991 -              UWO Indigenous Post-Secondary Education Council (formerly UWO Aboriginal Education and Employment                            Council) President’s Appointee representing the Faculty Aboriginal Subcommittee, 2002-2003      


2001-2005    Aboriginal Education Training Initiative adjudication panel, Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

1999                Provincial Committee to Validate Secondary School Curriculum in Native Languages


2013-2014       Research Ethics Board

Faculty of Graduate Studies

            1992-1995      Credentials Committee

            1995                Calendar Awards Committee


Faculty of Arts and Humanities

            1994                Decanal Selection Committee


Faculty of Journalism

            1995-1996       Promotion and Tenure Committee


Faculty of Information and Media Studies

            2001-2002, 2008-2011   Promotion and Tenure Committee

            2001-2002       Decanal Selection Committee

Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry       

            2014-2015       Selection Committee for Medical Anthropologist (MPH)

            2014-2015       Selection Committee for Director of Public Health

            2010 -               Master of Public Health - Steering Committee, Admissions Committee, Curriculum Committee

            2010-2013       Centre for Human Immunology

            2009-2011       Promotion and Tenure Committee, Microbiology and Immunology

            2008-2010       Promotion and Tenure Committee, Pathology

            2002, 2003      Organizing Committee, Ecosystem Health Conference

Department of Sociology

            2008-2011       Promotion and Tenure Committee

Department of Women’s Studies and Feminist Research

            2016-2017      Promotion and Tenure Committee

            2011                 Chair Selection Committee

            2003 -             Affiliate Faculty


Department of Modern Languages

            2015-2008       Promotion and Tenure Committee

1995-1996       Provost’s Advisory Committee on Faculty Evaluation and Development

1992-1993       Multicultural Health Coalition, London-Middlesex Health Unit


1990 -               Women’s Caucus

1990-1992       Support for Women as Academic and Professional Persons Committee

1999-2004       Department of Occupational Therapy, Graduate Faculty


1993-2005       QualMS (Qualitative Methods in the Social Sciences)

                           Faculty Reading Group on qualitative methods


Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism

2018 -               Associate Faculty

2013-2016; 1998-2002; 1992-1996  - Graduate Committee

2011-2012; 2017-2018 - Comprehensives Committee

2010-2011        Director Selection Committee

2005-2008      Contemporary and/or Historical Comprehensives Committees

2017-2018        Comprehensives Committee, Chair

2002-2005      Ph. D. (Program) Committee

1991-2018        Core Faculty

University of Western Ontario Faculty Association (UWOFA)

2010-2011        Past-President

2009-2010       PRESIDENT

2008-2009      Vice-President

2005-2006      Chair, Faculty Workload Study

2004-2005      Pay Equity Committee (UWOFA with Administration)

2000-2001       Publications Committee

1998-2000       Editor Faculty Times

1998-1999        Contract Committee

1997-1999, 2001   Nominating Committee

1997                  Comprehensive Agreement Negotiating Team

1996 -               Academic Colleague on various appeal procedures

1994-1996       Co-Chair, Faculty Workload Study (with Provost’s Office)

1995-1996       Past-President; Chair of Rights Policy Committee

1994-1995       PRESIDENT

1993-1994       Vice-President

1992-1993       Chair, Right Committee

1991-1995       Executive Board


1987-1990       Canadian Ethnic Studies Committee

1989-1990                   Chair

1987-1988       Native Language Teaching Proposal, with School of Native Studies


1972-1975       Advisory Board, Boreal Institute for Northern Research


1972-1973       Intercultural Education Committee


1971-1972       Bilingual Studies Committee